New, simplified methods to get the FIRST file
from the PC to the Amiga


(Wolfgang Stöggl, 1998 - 2005)

This page has been released because people have asked me how to exchange files between Amiga and PC without a terminal program, CrossDOS, dos2dos etc. available on the Amiga.


All methods described require a nullmodem cable and ADF Sender Terminal.
Click here to see the schematics under 3.).
I highly recommend using RTS/CTS handshaking. If you want to change the serial settings you have to start preferences on the Amiga Workbench or properties within ADF Sender Terminal on the PC.
On the Amiga commands are entered from CLI or shell. Press Ctrl+D while booting the Workbench or start 'shell' from the Workbench, which has got advantages under kickstart1.x as you can repeat commands with the cursor keys. (Yes, I am serious - people ask me things like that.)

The given examples refer to transdisk, but you may want to transfer TransWarp, twinexpress or dos2dos etc.
The file is sent to RAM: of the Amiga, which should prevent transmission errors.

Choose method A, B or C:

 A  You only need a Workbench disk or at least the TYPE command on the AMIGA (Amiga with Workbench 1.2 or 1.3)
    -  A1  TYPE command and prepared file
    -  A2  TYPE command and self extracting archive. Especially for TransWarp
 B  With AMIGABASIC (e.g. Amiga 500, Workbench 1.3, Extras)
 C  With ARexx script (e.g. Amiga 600, Workbench 2.05 and higher)

Due to the feedback I get, most people prefer method B. The methods A and C were developed for people who only own an Amiga with the Workbench disk.

Method A: with the TYPE command

Check that the serial settings are the same on both machines (e.g. 19200,8,N,1,RTS/CTS) PC: Properties ADF Sender Terminal, Amiga: Workbench-Preferences-Serial.
The TYPE command must be from Workbench 1.3 or older if you want to transfer a binary file like transdisk. Note: In the case of TYPE from Workbench 2.05 and higher ONLY text files are handled correctly.
You should use a copy of your Workbench disk.

Method A1: TYPE command and prepared file

The following Example is for transdisk. But you may want to download other prepared programs in (dos2dos3, twin, transdisk, transwarp) or create your own file with my software fileprep so that it will be intact on Amiga after type.

Amiga: (the word type is a command!)
type ser: to ram:transdisk

send transdisklong from with my program ADF Sender Terminal (use *.*). This file is 11204 bytes long instead of 11092 so that type will not cut off anything from the actual program. Use this up to date version of transdisklong!


send any file again, this releases the break on the amiga as it is still waiting for data. Afterwards press Cancel on PC.

Now copy the file to the copy of your Workbench disk, preferably into the C directory.
copy ram:transdisk to df0:c
Transdisk will work in case of correct transmission.

Transdisk is a few bytes longer after transfer but due to my special modification at the end of the file it is 100 % OK.

Method A2: TYPE command and self extracting archive

Especially for TransWarp a self extracting archive has been prepared, which contains transwarp and BaudBandit.device ( In this archive there is a dummy.file at the end, which is not needed and can be cut by the type command. This way all needed files reach the Amiga exactly - even with date and file attributes. Follow Method A1 and send instead of transdisklong.

If you start after transmission to Amiga, then transwarp and BaudBandit.device are unpacked automatically without errors.
Remark: the Amiga archive was created using lha and lhasfx.


Note: The second file has to be sent from the PC in order to fill up the buffer on the Amiga, but only the bytes of the wanted first file will be written. That's what size is for.
Tech info: The buffer of ser: on the Amiga is only read every 200 bytes (this is filled up by the second file).
Troubleshooting: If the file does not work, try a lower baudrate (9600 or 4800). Read the FAQ of ADF Sender Terminal. Send an Email to me.
Do not try to change the program in the following way:
OPEN "com1:19200,n,8,1" AS 1
because Bytes with $FF (255, 8 Bits high) cannot be received!

Method C: With ARexx script

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