Frequently asked questions:

In several cases the pindefinition of the serial cable is wrong. So check the pindefinition in case of transfer problems.

Q: What are ADF files?
A: ADF is an abbreviation for Amiga Disk File. It is an image file of an 880K Amiga 3.5" disk, which is used by Amiga emulators like UAE and Fellow. The exact size is 901120 bytes (except copyprotected disks).

Q: What are ADZ files?
A: ADZ files are ADF files compressed by gzip. You can use them with Amiga emulators, if gzip can be found on your hard drive. These disks are write-protected . For WinUAE you need a 32 Bit version, get
Use 'gzip -d -S .adz file.adz' to decompress them or the Total Commander.
If you want to create ADZ files, use 'gzip -9 file.adf'. The MS-DOS version creates .adz files, but short filenames. 32bit gzip produces '.adf.gz' files. You can rename them or try 'gzip -9 -c file.adf > file.adz' (Which is also useful if you want to keep the adf file).

Q: How do I get the first file like TransWarp or TRANSDISK over to the Amiga?
A: Read this FAQ which presents improved and simplified methods: FAQ (methods.html)

Q: After transferring the adf file (NOT A DOS DISK) to a real Amiga disk it does not boot.
A: Check if any VIRUS is in memory and remove it from all of your disks! I have got several email requests, where the Lamer Exterminator or the Byte Bandit virus was the reason. Download Antivirus software, which is working even on an Amiga 500 as ADF: (452k). Get newer software from here.

Q: While transferring an adf file you get the following error message: ADF too short?
A: This can be caused by older versions of serial.device. Try a different version of it. Click here to get one. If possible, the usage of Workbench 1.3.3, 2.0 or higher is recommended because they contain reliable versions of serial.device.

Q: The Amiga can only receive ADF files at low baudrates, at 19200 bytes are lost, the other direction works fine.
A: Increase the Buffer Size in the serial settings of the Amiga preferences. I recommend at least 1024 bytes. The disks should be formatted errorfree.

Q: When installing ADF Sender Terminal the message "Invalid command-line parameters" appears.
A: Install from a directory without a "-" inside its name.

Q: How can I speed up transfer from PC to Amiga.
A: Use transwarp and reduce the number of colors (Hint from Borg No. One). With only 2 colors 38400 bps are possible. This is easily achieved by the utilities add21k or add44k (1k).

Q: I get overrun errors from time to time on a notebook.
A: The overruns on notebooks are caused, when the status of the battery is read by the system. You can temporarily disable your batteries in the hardware configuration: