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If you have got questions, suggestions or if you download and try my program, do not hesitate and leave me an email.
I am interested in your feedback.

General information:

I have written a program called ADF Sender Terminal, which should make it easy to get your ADF files back to your Amiga or from Amiga to PC. Since V1.2 both directions are possible. Transwarp allows a baudrate up to 115200 from Amiga to PC. V 1.3 and higher can send single tracks.

This progarm is useful for Amiga Computers with little RAM (512k,1MB)

System requirements: 32Bit Windows (e.g.: 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)

What else do you need to use it:

Your ADF files are transfered between your Amiga and the PC via a Nullmodem Cable at e.g 19200,8,n,1. The settings have to be the same on your PC and Amiga. A table how a Nullmodem Cable looks like is shipped within readme.txt and the help file ... Click here for readme.txt

278 bytes ADF Sender Terminal V1.5:

Last update: V1.5 r4 (2005-12-27)

Up to 115200 bps Amiga->PC with Transwarp!
This is a very fast and simple way, if you want to transfer many disks.

Click here if you want to see what's new in V1.5

Click here to download the FULL package of V1.5 including all the required libraries and documentation. (2275k)
This file contains all the required files. The setup program may update your system first. After rebooting you have to run setup again.

Click here to download the EXE file (188k) of V1.5 r4
This is also the update for previous releases.

Download this file
cyan.gif if you have already installed a previous release of V1.5 - to update replace adfsend.exe.
cyan.gif if you have got Visual Basic runtime libraries and ActiveX (at least MSComm). Try it and you will see whether it works or not. Otherwise download the FULL package

Click here to download TRANSDISK. (11k)
or try TransWarp V 1.4.3new_flas.gif (705 bytes), where baudrates up to 115200 from Amiga to PC are possible. I have changed transdisk, so that you can transfer faster than 19200 on a simple Amiga and improved functionality. TransWarp uses the BaudBandit.device from Christian Buchner, check the Aminet for further details. Baudrates up to 38400 bps can be achieved from PC to an unexpanded Amiga if you reduce the number of colors. Since V 1.3 both directions are supported by one program TransWarp (trans28 is obsolete). Version 1.4 is 33% faster than before at 115200 bps for the direction Amiga -> PC.

Download summary:

Filename Filesize Date Comment
adf15ful.zip 2275k 2005-12-27 V1.5 r4 FULL package, including all the required libraries and current English and German help files
adf15exe.zip 188k 2005-12-27 V1.5 r4 EXE file, english and german help file, update
newdocs.zip 30k 2007-01-14 Documentation for V1.5, examples for usage of transwarp and transdisk
transwarp143.zip 25k 2005-02-13 TransWarp 1.4.3, improved transdisk, Amiga->PC up to 115200bps!
Support for users with one drive.
trans.zip 11k 1997-06-12 transdisk, now also included within WinUAE


If the setup Program will try updating files again and again after restarting Windows, all files in your tmp directory are lost after rebooting. Reasons for this are commands like del c:\windows\tmp *.* or programs like VRAM, which put all temporary files into RAM.

Frequently asked questions:

Click here.


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